No-Gym Fat Loss Solution

Tone Your Body, Banish the Belly Fat and Ditch the Diets So You Can Keep Up With Your Kids and Dominate Your Days With Endless Energy

(And Still Enjoy Pizza and Red Wine)

It’s devastating….

…whether it happens when you look at yourself in the mirror after your morning shower or your friend tags a picture of you on Facebook.

You now see (and so do others) that you’ve gotten fat.

Belly rolls…squishy saggy arms…a big butt. It makes you feel “yuck!”

You wonder:

“WTF happened? Is this really who I am now? Can I ever change?”

You want to say goodbye to the stretchy PJ pants and sweaters you now wear most of the time while working from home.

But you aren’t sure what to do.

I have good news! It’s not your fault and help is on the way.

I Can Help Because I’m A Lot Like You

I’m Sean Barker, a leading trainer and fitness author who went from fit to fat, even though I’d been a competitive athlete in my youth.


For the most common of reasons: life happened.

I was working 12 hours days and became a father in my 30’s. My baby sleeping through the night? It seemed like a fantasy. So I was tired and hungry all the time.

Who had time to work out or eat properly?

My energy was rock bottom and my junk food cravings were sky-high.

Sound familiar?

Wait. It gets worse. After our second child was born, I started to get the dreaded “Dad Bod!”


Dreaded Dad Bod


Fit Father

But thankfully I turned things around and used what I learned to help thousands of busy parents and professionals just like you get their best body, and without crazy diets or living in the gym.

Like Echo. She was fed up with how she felt and looked and didn’t know where to go until we started working together. She writes:
“Sean, your program, motivation, and support have literally changed my life, I am forever grateful!”

Your Metabolism Is Not Broken And Neither Are You

But you DO need to take action before it’s too late.

Maybe you’ve tried the home workout videos, have some dumbbells collecting dust, or even exercise equipment in your basement used as a clothes hanger.
And you’ve given your best attempts with the trendy starvation diets of calorie counting, keto, fasting…

…or the expensive meal replacement supplement shakes…

… only to gain back all the weight you initially lost, leaving you feeling frustrated and like a failure.

I know it’s so easy with the busyness of daily life of family, work, and everything else, to let your health and fitness deteriorate. And getting to a gym and following a proper diet seems like a fantasy.

But you CAN and WILL succeed with these success strategies.

Success Strategy #1:
Your Customized Nutrition Plan

You’re busy and a picky eater? That’s OK.
Forget about using crazy, restrictive diets or shakes that force you to eliminate all the foods you love. You know you’ll never be able to follow them for long, anyway. And why deny yourself the foods you love?
Your plan will be realistic, enjoyable, and flexible so you can eat real food together with your family (including pizza night) and have some dessert and drinks on date night.

You’ll discover how to develop long term healthy habits to not only lose the weight but keep it off forever.
A little common sense goes a long way. It’s all about balance and moderation, customized to your goals. There are no “bad foods” that must be banned.

And if you get off track, as we all do from time to time, you’ll learn how to get back on track without beating yourself up.

Success Strategy #2:
Your Customized Home Workout Plan

Forget about trying to design your own workout program.

Forget about performing random workouts at the gym from online videos or magazines (made for fitness models).

Forget about just hoping this somehow works for you.

Your custom workout program will be designed to get you the results you deserve in the time you have. I’ll never ask you to do something before you’re ready for it.

The routine will be available at your fingertips so that you can pull it up on your phone or computer (with videos and instructions), to perform with bodyweight only or whatever equipment you may have.

Included are:

Custom Workouts. Designed to help you lose belly fat, tone saggy arms, get fitter, and avoid injuries.

Training Calendar. This is where you track your progress on each exercise by logging in your results into the easy-to-use app.

Exercise Video Demonstrations. So you can see what the exercises are and how to do them safely and effectively.

Success Strategy #3:
Accountability and Support

Changing your body starts with changing your habits. And I will support you every rep and step of the way. After coaching over 1100 busy parents and professionals in the last 25 years (and being one myself)…

…I coach with empathy.
I will pull you along with inspiration and instruction, instead of pushing you to do things you don’t want to do. I’m anything but the “scary trainer” type of drill sergeant who makes you feel bad. After all, this is life, not the army, right?

Included are:

Instant Messaging Chat. Your direct connection to me as your coach. No back and forth long emails that get lost. Get access to me daily with any questions and stay constantly motivated to stay consistent

Monthly Check-in Calls. We will have a monthly call to discuss any challenges you might have and the next phase of the workout and nutrition plan.

Through the app you’ll submit weekly metrics to ensure that we are staying on track, like body weight, measurements, and pictures.

Imagine This….

Imagine: not having to spend hours and hours going to a risky and crowded gym with everyone staring at you.

Imagine: feeling satisfied and energized by the food you eat. You won’t have to track every calorie, or deprive yourself of pizza and wine.

Imagine: the clarity and confidence you will feel when you figure out a consistent routine of energizing exercise and easy eating.

Imagine: Feeling great in your clothes, without taking hours from your family demands.

It starts with making a commitment to yourself to prioritize YOU. This will lead to real lasting solutions as well as providing more balance and calm to your chaotic life.

You’ll slim down, tone up and get rid of those stubborn 10-20 pounds that have crept on over the years… forever this time!

You’ll stop caving into fast food or microwaving fast food, without spending hours in the kitchen.

You’ll start having the energy to keep up with the kids and hike, bike, or ski with them.

And you’d like to be around to chase after the grandkids with energy and vitality. But maybe that last trip to the doctor was scary and you wonder what the future holds (and not in a good way.)

You CAN change and Help IS On The Way

The process is faster, easier, and a lot more enjoyable with an expert motivating coach to guide you.
You could try doing all this on your own. But be honest. How well has that worked in the past?
Why not have an experienced expert take care of everything for you?

Just ask Glenda, Carolyn, and Sheri.

“I am down 28 lbs, 12% body fat and most importantly down 20 inches! Thank you, Sean, for being so supportive and an inspiration! .”- Glenda

“Just finished my first 3 months of coaching with Sean. Amazing! My husband said last night he can already see results. I feel great! Before I started I was always tired during the days and wanted to sleep in the afternoons but this week I have had so much extra energy. I even taught my son how to ride his bike-lol! Thanks Sean”
– Carolyn

“Best feeling ever…wearing a pair of yoga pants that I couldn’t even fit into last month…they are nice and comfy!!” – Sheri

It’s time to invest in yourself and get the results YOU deserve, once and for all. It will guarantee your success to get fit for life, once and for all.

Let’s hop on a short call (with no obligation) to see if we have a match for my No Gym Fat Loss Solution.

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